Terms and Conditions

The terms and services in this document establish the terms in which you may use this site. These terms and conditions may change at any time without notice.

1. Definitions of words

Website - 4Students.us

Customer - is a person who elects to use our services, you and yours are also terms used instead of customer.

Company - this will be use in this document to reference 4STUDENTS LLC.

Product - refers to a term paper, essay or any other service that is completed drafted and/ or delivered by us to the customer per the customers specific requirements.

Order - this is a correspondence from the customer to us about a specific service where the customer fills out a form that specifies all the requirements and parameters of the services they want.

2. Our services

By using this site you agree to all terms listed below. By clicking I agree you will have full access to all aspects of this site including being able to submit an order. If you don’t agree to all the terms and conditions herein please refrain from using our site.

As mentioned above we have the right to change or revise any of these terms as we seem fit without any notice if:

A. We change or any of the services either entirely or slightly.

B. We provide new services to our customers.

C. Any legal, regulatory, or security issues

All changes to our term and conditions will be posted on our site under terms of use.

3. Registration

The Website is provided by 4STUDENTS LLC, a company registered under the legislation of United States of America with company ID 20141696904. Our company was registered in Colorado under 8500 E Jefferson Ave, Denver address.

4. Refunds

You may only receive a refund for our services only under the terms of the money back warranty document. Keep in mind depending on where you live the rules may be different so please look over the money back warranty document carefully.

5. Copyrights and Personal use

All works delivered to you will be original and completely error free. Our company, its partners and affiliates will retain any and all copyrights of materials and products (Term Paper, academic help, a paper, book reviews, etc)

You agree that ALL products delivered to you i.e. a school assignment or our Online Cheap Custom Essay will be used for your personal use only, No commercial use is allowed. Any displaying, distribution, publishing modifying or transmitting of our creative works from our website without prior written consent is prohibited by law. You will not hold this company liable for any unauthorized use of any works this website provides to you.

6. Plagiarism

We can and will terminate or cancel any and all agreements and contract with anyone who knowingly and blatantly tries to pass off any work that is not theirs by sending us a research paper or any other work for proofreading or editing. None of our products can be sent to any third parties or used in any way for profit. If it is found by our company that you have plagiarized any work we can refuse to send you any of our products and you may face civil and criminal charges.

You may not put your name on any of our written products or use them as your own, you can however use for research purposes or as a model for a term paper or an assay. Our company does not condone any form of plagiarism weather its academic like a school research paper or just an assignment for your teacher. You agree by using our site that you will use the content you receive from this website i.e. Text and ideas as models, research, and examples in all your term papers research papers and assignments and pass them off as your own. When using any content you will reference, or refer to, this website and properly cite where you received your information.

We, our company, will not be liable for any unlawful, unethical or inappropriate use of our products or any of our written materials received from our website. Any loss of or legal actions that are taken against you such as but not limited to, loss of academic scholarships, awards, grants, prizes, disciplinary action such as suspension or failure is solely your responsibility.

Being a bench mark in this industry both our company and the academic society deems10% or under an acceptable level of plagiarism. The bibliographical references and idioms, standard phrases, and connecters will not be counted in this 10%.

7. Our Guarantees

1) Plagiarism is guaranteed to be fewer than 10 % for every paper we deliverer, not including the bibliographical references and clichéd phrases.

2) We will follow all instructions you give us exactly regarding your product weather it’s an assay or a research paper.

3) Our company will do all the research required for the successful completion and delivery so you will have quality products from us.

4) The format that we follow will be what you have requested or stated to us in the forms you fill out.

5) Standard English is the form of writing we follow.

We cannot guarantee however any particular grade and no refunds will be given to those who get unsatisfactory marks.

8. Order placement

When you place an order with us you agree to fill out an online form that will include your e-mail, telephone number, these in no way we be sold to any third parties. Your e-mail will only be use to contact you with notifications, or questions on your project.

When you submit an inquiry by filling out the online form you understand that payment isn’t made. You will submit all materials and instructions about your order to us. After we have looked it over and deemed that your order has all the necessary information we will look for an experienced writer to fulfil your request. Once we find a writer for your product you will be notified, this takes about 10-15 minutes; once all of this is done you will be provided with the payment link so we can start on your assignment.

If you worked with one of our writers previously you may request then again by putting his or her ID number in the respective field. If for any reason that writer is not available we will assign you another experienced writer to do the job.

Urgent delivery is an option is you need the assignment done quickly. You may choose the date that you need your paper by, this has to be put on the form you fill out for us online. There will be an additional charge for this service. The work will start once the payment is received.

For an additional cost you will be able to receive the “Used Sources” these are the resources that the writer uses to write your paper. If you choose this feature you will receive digital copies. Please see the price section of our website.

A professional editor can look over, proofread and edit your paper to make sure it is free of all spelling and grammar mistakes for an additional cost. Please see the price section of our website for pricing.

Once we receive the online form from you the price for your order will be calculated. The price will depend on many factors such as, complexity of work, academic level, deadline and special features you choose. When this is calculated and payment is made the “deadline clock” is started.

9. Fees and Payment

All prices for our services are noted on our website under prices. Our company regulates all fees for our website. Please know that if you reside in the European Union you will be charged VAT, this is not included in our prices. The VAT will be added to your order along with any other extra services.

In the event that a customer has a special report that is not one of our normal services or a customer need a revision of their paper that was not in the original instructions than the company can set its own prices, and deadlines for these products.

Our company does take advanced payment because we are confident that we will be able to find you an experienced freelancer for your product, but in the event that we can’t, a full refund of the advanced payment you made. You may get a refund for other reasons please see our “money back warranty”.

10. Delivery of Completed Product

Once your work is completed, it will be available for your review on your own personal account panel on our website. When you are completely satisfied with the delivered product you will be required to hit the “approve” button. Once you hit the approve button you will be able to download the completed work.

After you approve the work you will have 10 days to have any free revisions done. If your paper is 20 pages or more you will have 14 days after approval to ask for a free revision. Once you hit the approval button you will not be able to ask for a refund.

If for any reason we don’t deliver your product on time you will be able to get a discounted rate. Please see “money back warranty” page.

We will not be responsible for any delays due to your technical problems or your service provider’s issues with their internet system.

Remember you have 10 days to accept your order, this is calculated from the time the last revision is made. After the 10 days your project will automatically be approved and you will not be able to ask for a refund.

Once you have accepted your order we ask that you leave feedback on your experience, good or bad, so that we will be able to know how we’re doing and make our services better for our customers. Customers have great importance to us and so is your feedback.

11. Free Revision Guarantee

If you have any questions about this policy please go to our Free Revision policy page.

12. Privacy and Security

You can be safe in the knowledge that you credit card information will not be compromised because we do not store your information or sell your personal information to third parties. Our security policy has more information if you would like to know more.

13. Warranties

When you submit an order with us with payment you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions in the pages above and below.

* If you use any ideas or information from our site it must be properly cited.

*Our products are for you to use as examples, research, references or to learn how to correctly write a research paper, you can also use our products to learn how to write in a particular citation for schools like Harvard, Chicago and others.

*Our freelancers transferred all rights of ownership to our company and our affiliates.

*Our website collects fees and payments for the time and effort it takes to gather, organize, collect, post, edit and deliver these materials for your reference. We also collect these payments for the maintenance administration and the advertising of our website for educational purposes.

* You may not in any way reproduce, distribute, publish modify or use the material in any way for commercial use without prior written permission and consent from our company, you may however use and make a small amount of copies for your personal use.

* By using our materials you agree to destroy all of them once you are done using them. In no way will you distribute any parts without written consent from our company.

14. Limitation of Liability

You consent, by using our site, that you will not hold the company its employees, officers, director, shareholders, agents, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, our advertising, promotion and fulfillment agencies, any third party providers, information or data sources, and our legal advisers liable for any claims and/or actions of any kind that arose out or related to the products you use this includes but are not limited to:

(A) We are not responsible for any and all loses from damages, rights claims and actions that arise from the use of our products.

(B) Malfunctions, failures or any difficulties of any kind, from telephones, hardware, software, network or internet disruptions, e-mail, or computer corruptions.

(C) Computer transmissions that are incomplete, garbled, or delayed in any way or if it fails to go through completely.

(D) Events that are beyond our control and might make your paper delayed, disrupted, or corrupted.

(E) Any damages, losses, or injuries of any kind that may come out of the use of our products.

(F) Typographical or printing errors that may be in any of our materials that is associated with any of our services.

(G) By using our website you agree to defend, indemnify the company and its affiliates harmless any demand attorney’s fees or suit and claims that may be made from a third party because of the use of our website.



You agree that we may change these terms at any time without notice. We recommend reviewing these terms from time to time to make sure see the changes in the website.


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