How to Write a Good Book ReviewMost people will find themselves sharing a book they like or dislike with a friend at some point in their life. As students, we are asked to do this formally as book reviews. In either case, it is important to understand the basic guidelines for writing a good book review. Like any task, practice is necessary to learn how to read a book critically and write a proper review. If you do not have these skills, you may look into custom writing services. When you do so, understanding the basic ensures you get a quality product from the service.

A book review is a critical evaluation of literature. The book may be fiction or non-fiction.The most important task in evaluating a book is to read the book – at least twice. Even if you use a service to write a book review from scratch, you should read the book. During the first reading, you are becoming familiar with the elements of the book: its plot, characters, setting and themes. Once you have read the book, you will have an opinion about the book. You will find what you like or dislike about the book. You will agree or disagree with the author. The second reading, or more if needed, will find the points, or arguments, to support your opinion. Researching the author or facts represented in the book may provide even more information to support points.

At the beginning of the book review, mention the book title and the author. This includes the genre the book falls into: whether it is self-help, autobiography, science fiction, mystery, et cetera. Establish the main theme of the book, as well as your opinion, or thesis. The main theme of the book is what the book is about. A thesis is your opinion about the book. A good thesis goes beyond stating that you like or dislike about the book: it establishes why you are of that opinion. The rest of the book review will introduce specific points to support your opinion.

Organize your points carefully. The strongest points should be introduced first. A good book review will have at least three strong points supporting the thesis. Each point should be covered fully by a paragraph each. Use short quotations from the book to support these points. Describe the experience of the book to the reader. Is the setting of the book realistic? Are the characters relatable? Is the book's theme covered fully? One area of caution is describing plot. You will likely write about the book's plot, but do so without spoiling the book for your reader. Rather than focusing on how the book ends, focus on how the book supports, or not supports, the end.

Complete the book review with a summary. Remind the reader what your main thesis is and summarize the points provided in the review that support the thesis. Many writers of book reviews find difficulty with the first paragraph introducing the thesis and the last paragraph summarizing the review. The best reviews will start strong and end strong, regardless of how strong the points in the middle are. A strong summary will not simply repeat the points mentioned; it seeks to connect the points clearly and concisely to describe why your opinion is valid.

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